Tsvey mol tsvey (2x2) – Musikalische Dialoge

August 10 Mon 7.30 p.m. @Herderplatz

Rain date: August 11 Tue 7.30 p.m. @Herderplatz

Free admission. Donations gratefully accepted.

PLEASE NOTE!  In case of bad weather this concert will be postponed to the next day. If the weather is still bad on the second day the concert will unfortunately have to be canceled. Please register here to receive updates about all changes.

The Artistic Director and Founder of Yiddish Summer Weimar, Alan Bern, in a rare appearance together with one of the leaders of a new, international generation of klezmer violinists, Mark Kovnatskiy. The duo performs traditional klezmer music at its finest as well as Jewish classical music inspired by klezmer music.

In musical dialogue with Khupe, a duo that has continually expanded the boundaries of the klezmer clarinet/accordion duo for decades. Dawid and Möricke are superb musicians who cultivate highly improvised instrumental dialogues and create spontaneous arrangements full of surprises that tell Yiddish stories without words.

Alan Bern (USA/D) – accordion, piano
Mark Kovnatskiy (RU/D) – violin

Christian Dawid (D) – clarinet
Sanne Möricke (NL/D) – accordion

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