YSW Dance Orchestra I
Aug 17 - 22
10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
with Craig Judelman (USA/D; violin) & Patty Farrell (USA/D; accordion)

YSW Dance Orchestra II
Aug 17 - 22
3 – 6 p.m.
with Sanne Möricke (NL/D; accordion) & Christian Dawid (D; reeds, trombone, tuba)


The largest and arguably most fun part of the klezmer repertoire is dance music. And there's no better way to feel the power, groove, and passion of klezmer dance music than in the YSW Dance Orchestra! Get to know the different dance genres and learn how to lead and support a melody, how to build deliciously long dance medleys, construct solid sound patterns, groove, interact, play variations and add the "dirt" that makes it sound just right.

For all instrumentalists from intermediate through professional levels proficient in playing from sheet music, or by ear, or both. Some prior experience with klezmer dance music is helpful but not necessary.

Please note! Please register for either Dance Orchestra I or Dance Orchestra II but not both. There is no difference in the level of the participants between Dance Orchestra I and II.

Workshop fee: 172,50 € Standard / 135 € Reduced / 235 € Sponsor / 72,50 € under 18 / 25 € Affected by the Corona crisis
For information about the Standard, Reduced and Supporter fees >> read about