Unaccompanied Yiddish singing
August 17–22
3 – 6 p.m.

with Sasha Lurje

Due to popular demand, we are adding a new singing workshop in the 3rd week of YSW20, from August 17 to 22. The topic is unaccompanied Yiddish singing, and the workshop will be taught by the one and only Sasha Lurje, a very close associate of YSW since 2006, who contributes a unique breadth of repertoire, depth of artistic and technical understanding, and special charisma to the class. Here’s what Sasha writes about the class:

“One of the most beautiful styles of Yiddish song is the unaccompanied lyric song, traditionally sung by women in a soloistic manner. This gorgeously intimate and intricate style of singing has been rescued from the threat of extinction through the work of Yiddish Summer Weimar to enable masters of older generations, such as Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman, Ethel Raim and Michael Alpert to pass on their very special knowledge to singers of younger generations, including myself, Sasha Lurje, the instructor of this class. These unaccompanied songs tell stories of love, loss and real life. Carefully chosen from the excellent Ruth Rubin collection and the incredible Yiddish Song of the Week CTMD blog, the songs we’ll learn in this class are true musical treasures.”