YSW20 in the time of Corona

Every summer for 20 years, Yiddish Summer Weimar has brought together artists, scholars, students, volunteers and audiences from all over the world for a unique atmosphere of learning, sharing and joy. How to do that once again in the time of Corona? That is one of the greatest challenges we have ever faced. YSW20 is our answer.

Because health is our first priority, we will scale down this year, guided by social distancing and hygiene measures.  There will be no indoor events with audiences and artists packed together shoulder to shoulder. Instead, everything is happening outdoors – workshops and concerts – always with appropriate social distance.
People who live in the USA, Russia, Brazil and other countries where Covid-19 is raging cannot be with us this time. We are very fortunate that many of the world’s best artists, scholars and teachers of Yiddish music, language and culture live today in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany and Europe. Many of them started as students in Yiddish Summer Weimar, growing over the years into recognized masters in their fields. They are the backbone of the Yiddish Summer Weimar community, and they will lead our workshops and concerts in YSW20. Audiences will get to know them in small, intimate ensembles that reflect their friendships and life partnerships.

YSW20 concerts take place in Weimar, Erfurt, Eisenach, Altenburg and Niederzimmern. All workshops will take place in Weimar. To see what is happening each day and where, please see the schedule.  

We believe that we can be together again this year if we all respect and care for our own and each other’s physical and emotional well-being. To all of us - a healthy, nurturing and joyous YSW20!