Youth Klezmer Band (YKB)
3.– 8.8.
10:00 – 13:00

For ages: 10 – 16

with Alina Bauer
(D; violin) & Nicolaas Cottenie (BE/D; violin)

There's nothing more fun than playing in a klezmer band! Here's your chance! Klezmer is Jewish music from Eastern Europe, played for dancing and for listening. In a klezmer band, each player has a lot of freedom but is still part of the "team" sound. We'll start with some great melodies, harmonies and rhythms, and take it from there…

For anyone between 10-16 years old who plays an instrument and is ready to dive into a new musical world. If you're slightly younger or older but you would like to join anyway, please contact Alina Bauer at .

Workshop fee: 72,50€ under 18 / 25€ Affected by the Corona crisis